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Monday, March 19, 2012

Farm for toddlers released

I am happy to announce that, farm for toddlers has been released.

It is available in google play for android now.

It is available in Apples App store for iOS, as soon as possible.

We celebrate the launch, with half price in the first weeks.

Tap the animals and the surroundings to interact with them, and to hear their sounds. 
There are lots of hidden secrets, can you find them all ?

Tap the animals and watch them run, and hear their sounds. Can you find the hidden animals ?

Bubble pop: 
bubbles fly up in the sky, and the player needs to tap them before they fall down again. Very addictive for the toddler. 

Hear the sounds from the road, and the river rushing. 


  •  Charlotte
Sound effects:
  • Mike Koenig


  •  Josefine
  •  Oliver

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