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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tiny Racing

I am happy to announce our new game "Tiny Racing", that will hit the app-store within a few weeks.

It is a top down view racing game, with a online challenge system. 
The entire track is on screen, there is no scrolling so you have the complete overview and can take the corners very tight.
Emphasis is put on fast action, with relatively short race times.
As you build skills, there is always milliseconds to cut off.

The gameplay is simple, but very hard to master.
Race your car as fast as you can for 3 laps.
Send challenges to your friends, and beat each others race times during a 24 hours time slot. When the time is up, the challenge is locked, and points are rewarded.
Friends race time, is downloaded as a ghost replay.

Climb the leaderboards, where you can either compete in timetrial mode, or points from the challenge mode.

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